Do you ever wish that someone whispers you the right words at the the right time ?



gsm Spy
technical spec.

- gsmSpy Ear® receives signal by inductive coil,
across electromagnetic fields
- Receiving distance: 50– 70 cm
- Standard Zinc-air battery: type SR416
- Battery life: about 15 hours
- Audio bandwidth: from 300 Hz to 4 KHz
- Size: 4 mmx8 mmx10 mm
- Working frequency : ALL FREQUENCIES
- Distance between inductive coil and secret ear: about 70-100 cm.

gsm Spy EarII® set for gsm phone includes :

1.Micro Ear receiver

2. BLUETOOTH hands free for Nokia GSM phone LPS -5 with microphone - this device transmits voice to wireless mini ear receiver (you can hide both GSM phone and Bluetooth hands-free under the clothes).

secret spy earpiece and covert spy earpiece for mobile phone best for students examination and passing a test in school
for covert operation in confidential operations and surveillance mission

...and nobody will ever know...



mini wireless in-ear headphone is very small unit which is ideal for a covert spy operations during study examinations,business meetings and and all other spy situations.Spy earpiece or cellular phone mini ear receiver is also known as gsm spy ear, the special inductive hands free for Nokia gsm mobile phones. gsm spy ear , and in - ear mini wireless receiver is a great help in almost all hidden situations where spy earpiece is necessary.